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It's time to go update the past. You cannot keep

these things in the closet forever. It was important

when you recorded them.... They're important to preserve.


Video tapes transferred to DVD




Popular services we perform:


Copy your DVD (any length)  Only $15 each

Copy any 1 hour consumer video tape to DVD           $ 15.00

Also copy to flash media, YouTube, etc.                         $ 18.00



Grandpa's Old Home Movies....

Want to see your Mom & Dad when

they were little kids? It's a legacy!!!


And what about the old pictures? Make 'em

pop up like new on your HDTV screen...

We turn them into slide shows with

music, titles, whatever.... anything goes.


Copy YOUR old photos from the past to DVD as a beautiful slide show.

SPECIAL!   70 photo show with free title and music....    $59

We can scan your photos as well. Low as 49 cents each scan.

            Copies of finished DVDs are as low as $8 each.


Do you already have digital images?

How about a UNLIMITED image show, with title and music....  for $59.

SPECIAL! Slide shows delivered on flash drive, uploaded to your website,

your flash media or your iPod. Just ask!


The number one ANYTIME gift for parents!!! 

A very pleasant, uplifting visual experience!


Here's the way it goes...


Setting the scene, the family gathers in the great room. Begin the video slideshow!


A pleasant musical soundtrack starts your video slideshow as the title

 (your customized message) rolls up onto the television screen. After a

moment, the title fades to the first photograph, filling the screen with the

most precious photo of your mom, your dad, both of them or whatever

you have chosen for the first photo.. Moving on, photo by photo, fading in,

fading out, in just the order you told us to put them in. Some of the photos

were wallet sized. Some were big prints, Some off color, some b/w.

It didn't matter because Thompson Photographics fixed them to look

good! They will all be equalized to fill maximum space on the screen.

They look great!


Since you edited your photos down to the best of the best, everyone

in the room will get real quiet and begin to relive the moments of every

precious picture. Get a box of tissues... Mom's going to need them!

Someone's going to want to stop the machine on freeze to talk about

a photo! That's alright! At the end of the slide show, the last photo will

fade to ending title and then to black. The music fades and everyone

looks at each other and now, everyone needs a tissue. For a few

moments, the past became the present. And this precious gift can be

enjoyed again and again and again, for years to come.


 What Occasion do you have coming up?

   25th and 50th Anniversaries for your parents, your sisters & brothers and best friends.

   Baby's first year, from birth to birthday #1. The most memorable video to add to yearly, every 5 to 10 years or forever!

   Bride & Groom growing up from babies to wedding day. Shown at receptions and as gifts to family & friends.

   Birthday fun bashes for an adult's 30th or 40th..

   Business presentations with knock 'em dead graphic transitions. We can do it! Try us.

   Vacations with all pictures streamlined down to a perfect presentation without boring uncle Fred!

   Special memorials for those we have lost but who will live daily in our hearts.

   ...hundreds more ways to put this fabulous service to use.  Here... Ask us for a sample!     


Here's what you do:

Gather photos, number them, think of a title, bring them to us and we do the rest.

We will give you a professional title, begin special music and fade your photos

in and out like a slide show, giving each photograph about 8 seconds for viewing.

The original photos may be old, any size from postage stamp size to wall size.

We can special crop for close-ups, make some minor color changes and straighten

things up like crooked images, etc.


When we finish, you will have beautiful production that will be the hit of the party. More photos can be used. No limits!

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