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Christmas Card Ordering Instructions

Choose from 3 sizes:  4x6,  4x8 slim-line, or 5x7


Step 1: NOTICE the size of the Christmas card you choose

as larger sizes are slightly higher in cost.


The 1st 3 digits of the card design name tells you

what size the card will be. Envelopes are included!


Example: One card design is: 4x6_01V_0004

This is a 4x6 card, the 'V' means it uses a vertical

photograph in it and the design number is 0004

If the 'V' is an 'H' instead, the card uses a horizontal photo.


Step 2: Decide how many Christmas cards you need

and what size you want. Here are the prices for 2014..... 


 4x6 size:                                             50 cards is:    $ 38

                                            Extra sets of 25 cards:   $19

                                                                            Add shipping and handling of:        $  5


4x8 size:                                             50 cards is:    $ 44

                                            Extra sets of 25 cards:   $23

                                                                            Add shipping and handling of:        $  5


5x7 size:                                             50 cards is:    $ 49

                                            Extra sets of 25 cards:   $26

                                                                            Add shipping and handling of:        $  5



Step 3: Go to the viewing site (link is below)

Once you decide on which design you want, call us

at our video studio: 636-279-7407 to place a credit card order.


Or....  mail your order with a check using our order form

Get form here and print it out at home.



Go to the card designs here. When you

are done, use your back arrow to return.


Place credit card order by phone: 1-636-279-7407

Or, mail your reorder form with payment to:

Thompson Photographics

Reorder Dept: X1

6760 Mexico Rd

Saint Peters, MO 63376-2433


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