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Why you definitely NEED a family portrait NOW!

It's an emotional issue for me folks. I just can't imagine what it would be like for me not to see my parents and their parents as young productive people with youthful spirit and some fun in their face. To see my father with mom, young and loving together, my dad  with his dad... Then there's that great memory of my Mom, trying to duplicate Grandma's famous light bread rolls... Oh, I can totally SMELL and TASTE my grandmother's fresh, 6 inch high, homemade, light bread rolls right this very minute. With butter on top and hot to the touch! I remember when she'd offer me a hot roll with a glass of fresh cold milk and mom would say no. But Grandma smiled and and it didn't take long to convince her it was okay for her to spoil me. And she did. Always smiling, telling stories and making me feel good.

I remember that every time I look at the one and only portrait, taken of Grandma years and years ago. As I look at that photograph, I smell those very same rolls. I have so few portraits of my family.. So very few! I do my best to see the details of  my mom & dad, the grandparents and everyone else, as I go through all the old snapshots but I sure do wish they'd had a lot more good portraits made.  It's called  leaving a legacy! Don't forget to leave yours.

Well, Mom & everyone before her are all gone now but Dad's 89 and surprisingly, going strong. He lives through photos of Mom now. We get together more often and enjoy going through the portraits and snapshots together.  My memory is enhanced by photos of these great people in my life and I'm so very happy they did what they did to preserve some of the early memories for me. It's the reason I went into the photography business years ago and I still tear up thinking about those never-to-repeat pictures of a time long ago. 

What can we do for you, you ask?  You can get a lot of photography for one small sitting fee at our studio. First, you can do the kids. All or individually; then do the family group followed by the two of you together. Yes, just the two of you. And why not? Your children and especially, their children will be so grateful for your having done it. There's more! Clothing changes are okay, indoors, outdoors or both. You can do a sitting in your home or if you have an idea in your mind, we can probably do it too. Consultation is invited for better communication and plenty of time is allowed for everything to happen comfortably. 

Proofs are digital and can be viewed right away, or you can take a proof presentation home with you for a few days. We are prepared to give internet access to far away relatives so they can see proofs from their living room or office. Wallets to wall sizes, you can customize your package to suit your needs, your wallet and your tastes. Frames are available with customized cropping, special matting and, well, there's always more at a custom studio. There's always more!   home

Prepare for unbelievable service!  We miss you already.

Welcome to Thompson Photographics.

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